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"Khan Academy is the only place in the world besides our own web that students can have free access to the exam..."  said David Coleman, CEO of  College Board/SAT.

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Khan Academy  

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Are you studying hard

or studying smart?

I asked my dad, a physician, why I need to study so hard when I was struggling at your age. Rather than answering me directly, he tactfully had a prominent teacher conversing with me. Unfortunately, they could not answer my questions.

As I strive through the student life and obtain my MBA degree from UCI with full scholarship, I can testify that the universities do not perceive the best students as those who study hard. Rather, they value those who know how to effectively acquire and manage new knowledge with great wisdom. 

Those who study hard may not comprehend the wisdom of those who study smart. Those who study smart can intuitively figure out the school system and teacher’s thinking pattern. That is how they can live above the system and enjoy a balanced life while still getting straight A.

Wisdom is deeper and higher than knowledge. Wisdom is seen in the initiation of something, whereas knowledge is seen in the practical application of the thing that was initiated by wisdom.

(cf Rom 11:33)

Coming out of the struggle, I like to guide you to initiate the simplification of getting A+ while living a quality life.

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